10 Lockdown Art Activities for Kids To Do At Home

7/24/2020 10:50:28 AM
10 Lockdown Art Activities for Kids To Do At Home
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The theme of this week's Top 10 is art! We've hand-picked a selection of art activities for the whole family to get involved in. We'd love to see your creations, so make sure you tag us on social media!

1. Explore your home in new ways: Housemates

FREE. From Edinburgh Art Festival. Recommended for ages: 4 - 16 years.

Artist and illustrator Sofia Niazi has created Housemates, an art pack inviting young people and their family/carer to explore their homes in new ways, identifying interesting patterns, and using books, newspapers or magazines to combine collage and drawing to create colourful creatures, animals and people to populate and brighten your home. Housemates is part of Edinburgh Art Festival's series of free DIY Art creativity kits.

Have a go!

2. Learn how to make a flipbook animation

FREE. From The Lightbox. Recommended for ages: 0 - 16 years. 

Flipbook animations are fun, easy and very creative! Learn how to make them in this step-by-step tutorial by The Lightbox. What will you draw?

This is an activity suitable for the whole family. Get involved now!

3. Make art with your recycling

FREE. From Pound Arts Centre. Recommended for ages: 4 - 12 years.

This art activity pack brought to you by Pound Arts Centre is full of art and craft ideas that you can do with basic art materials and things you have in your recycling. It is free, fun and will help you create gorgeous artwork from things in your recycling.

Find out more.

4. Creative ideas for babies and toddlers

FREE. From Thelma Hulbert Gallery. Recommended for ages: 0 - 5 years.

Another fun idea from Laurel Coxon, the artist who runs our early years sessions at Thelma Hulbert Gallery.

"Using any tape you might have, you can rip off small pieces for your little one to stick onto a piece of paper. You could draw into it after or just stick and unstick. I like to stick very sticky tape to my trousers to make it less sticky, so you can take it on and off the paper."

Have a go!

5. Make a clay snail!

FREE. From Children's Scrapstore. Recommended for ages: 3 - 12 years. 

Create a super simple snail from modelling clay - you can even make your own stop-motion animation from your finished character if you fancied!

Learn how to make a clay snail.

6. Make a medieval breastplate 

FREE. From Colchester + Ipswich Museums. Recommended for ages: 5 - 16 years.

Our Medieval man may have a shield and helmet, but he can’t go to battle without a breastplate! Fear not! The team from Colchester + Ipswich Museums can show you how to make one…

Children and adults can get creative and travel back in time together, with our step by step guide and materials from around the home. What are you waiting for?

7. Pebble Painting

FREE. From Ikon Gallery. Recommended for ages: 5 - 16 years.

Ikon Gallery have put together some lovely step by step instructions on how to create your own Pebble Painting and get creative at home! Share your creations by tagging @ikongallery on social media.

Create your own artwork.

8. Use art to explore feelings and thoughts

FREE. From RSA Academies. Recommended for ages: 8 - 16 years. 

Take a look at these 'emotional learning cards' and see what responses you have. They are specially written to help thinking about identity, feelings and thoughts. You might be surprised by what you discover..

It will help families to have conversations that start with an exploration of a young person's sense of self. The young person might also be able to engage in the cards without adult supervision. The cards use an artwork that young people have been involved in creating, with questions that inspire thinking differently and more positively.

Find out more.

9. Make your own paint brushes!

FREE. From 20-21 Visual Arts Centre. Recommended for ages: 0 - 8 years. 

Here's a fun way to experiment with mark-making, by making your own unique paintbrushes from natural materials. 20-21 Visual Arts Centre's Learning Development Assistant Jen has created a time lapse video to show you the process. 

Watch the video and discover how to make your own paintbrush.

10. Create your own 'Ollie the Owl'

FREE. From Grosvenor Museum. Recommended for ages: 4 - 16 years. 

Get creative and have a hoot with our owl mosaic template. Use old birthday cards, magazines or any coloured paper you have around the house to create your own 'Ollie the Owl'.

Click here for the template and make your own Ollie the Owl!

Check out our activity library and online-event listings for even more ways to get creative at home.

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