Everyday Creativity – The January Challenge from 64 Million Artists

7/24/2020 10:51:26 AM
Everyday Creativity – The January Challenge from 64 Million Artists
Fantasic For Families

The Family Arts Campaign and Fantastic for Families have been taking part in the January Challenge, an annual initiative created by 64 Million Artists which encourages people to respond to a creative challenge every day throughout January.

For our challenge day on Tuesday 14th January, participants were asked to create their own version of a ‘family tree’.

The word ‘family’ takes on all sorts of different meanings, and comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and places. It might mean your siblings, your pets, your friends, colleagues, the people that care for you, or the people that you care for. It might a community that you enjoy being a part of – online or offline.

Your family tree might be a doodle, or it might be made of thumbprints, leaves, photographs, objects. There is no right and wrong – there are many different types of family, and many ways that you might want to do this challenge. Spend 10 minutes today finding a creative way to capture yours.

People from across the UK and beyond came up with some marvellous creations!

Inspired by everyday creativity? Research has shown that some people think that ‘Art is what artists do’ and many people don’t think of themselves as creative! But the January Challenge shows that anyone can create something creative - it can be really quick and easy and have a positive effect on wellbeing.

January Challenge 4

Everyday creativity could be something as simple as picking up everyday materials and putting them together, drawing something on a scrap of paper, or even something as quick as taking a photo on your phone – that can count as creativity too!

If you’re interested to learn more about recent research on Everyday Creativity, you can read more about it in this report from 64 Million Artists.

In the meantime, perhaps start your own daily creativity exercises! Don’t worry about the end result, it’s really the process that’s the important part!

There’s lots of other ways to get involved in creative programmes, such as with Voluntary Arts, the UK-wide Get Creative Festival (9-17th May 2020) and Fun Palaces, an annual nationwide celebration of community culture and creativity (3-4th October 2020).

And have a look at our events section to see what creative family events are on near you!

Image credits from top to bottom:  @writespacene, @crafty_weasel1, @lynncaldwell1310, @fayholbrow, @siuanncreative

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