31 October 2019

To the moon and back: amazing stories for five year olds

To the moon and back: amazing stories for five year olds
Fantasic For Families

Space enthusiasts amongst you will know that this year marks 50 years since the moon landing. You’ll also probably know that no one gets as excited about space as the little ones of the family. I’m sure they’ll love the exciting space and astronaut-themed events that we’ve already picked out for you here.

Space-themed creative fun is what led us to London’s Bloomsbury Festival for Spin – adventure in spoken word: beats and bars about Space! A very special live storytelling performance for children and families by spoken word artists Apples and Snakes.

Set under the moonlight of artist Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon, Paul Cree and Jan Blake treated us to a very interactive and playful luna story-telling experience to keep all ages absorbed.

There was something about the giant luminous sphere and tranquil church setting that was very calming and relaxing.

Think spoken word is just for adults? Think again. The little ones enjoyed becoming a part of the story as they recited the planets along with Paul to a beat that he produced with his ‘music box’. This creative approach to storytelling seems a great way for children to express themselves, get poetic and create their own exciting  narratives. We’ll definitely be back for more soon.

Want to be inspired by words? These five star spoken word artists will be visiting a venue near you this November to perform their new show Crowded. This one is aimed at families with children 13+.

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Layla McDonald
Layla McDonald

Layla is currently Digital Intern for the Family Arts Campaign.


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