Welcome to our brand new educational platform!

Handel & Hendrix Home School

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  • Handel & Hendrix in London
  • 5 - 16 years
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Handel & Hendrix Home School
Fantasic For Families

Welcome to our brand new educational platform!

We may be closed for the time being, but as ever we aim to promote knowledge, awareness and enjoyment of Handel, Hendrix and their music through inspiring, engaging, fun, creative and informative learning programmes.

The team here have been working on creating fun and educational online resources especially for families and children to try a home.

These can be adapted for all ages and cover English, Science, Music, Art and Drama. We have based all exercises on the lives of the two musical geniuses that lived in Brook Street. Some tasks will focus on 18th century traditions and events that shaped Handel’s life whilst others will help students uncover the feeling of the 60s through Jimi Hendrix’s experiences.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Art, Music, Theatre, Literary, Heritage

Handel & Hendrix Home School offer an array of activities for children and families to take part. As well as being fun, the tasks cover some of the curriculum specifics including English, Science, Drama, History and of course, Music.

Some tasks can be done together and can be transformed into a real project where the children will navigate through the Georgian times and the swinging 60's. 

From baking Georgian puddings, to making your own musical instrument as well and inventing your own music festival, there are activities for every taste and every mood. The activities are ideal for families wanting to take a little journey throughout time, learning fun facts about the Georgian era and the 1960's.

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