Newcastle upon Tyne

A Christmas Carol

  • 01-Dec-2018 - 05-Jan-2019
  • Northern Stage
  • 5 - 12 years
  • Age Friendly
  • £10.00 - £15.00
A Christmas Carol
Fantasic For Families

Charles Dickens' classic story of ghosts, greed and goodwill is given boisterous new life in this thrilling production of A Christmas Carol from the same team that brought you James and the Giant Peach and Alice in Wonderland.

Ding, dong, ding, dong, the bells are ringing and the clock is ticking because Scrooge is coming to town – and he’s meaner and greedier than ever. Bah Humbug! Can some infectious songs and a wild ride through the uncertain landscapes of Christmas past, present, future help him to discover the true meaning of Christmas?

Northern Stage’s A Christmas Carol is the story you know and love (complete with all the trimmings) and will warm the hearts of everyone this winter.

BSL signed performance: Fri 14 Dec, 7pm

Relaxed & BSL signed performance:  Tue 18 Dec, 10am

BSL signed performance: Fri 28 Dec, 1.30pm

Captioned performance: Fri 28 Dec, 2pm

Relaxed performance: Sat 29 Dec, 2pm

Touch Tour: Thu 3 Jan, 12.30pm

Audio Described performance: Thu 3 Jan, 2pm

  • Audio-described
  • BSL Intepreted
  • Captioned
  • Relaxed Performance
This event is ticketed
  • Theatre

a festive adventure for the whole family


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