Drag Queen Story Time

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Drag Queen Story Time
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  • All tickets are priced at £7 and can be obtained by visiting the Box Office or by calling 020 7709 8900. Tickets are also available online at (no booking fees).

All aboard The Nightbus for unforgettable stories, frolics and glitter! Join us for a story time like no other, read aloud by The Nightbus with distinctive glamour and flair, for children and adults alike. Come with your family and enjoy a series of stories with empowering characters that will turn archetypes on their head.

Muslim by birth and mind, The Nightbus is a performer and theatremaker who interrogates society’s capacity to accept and champion queer identity, race and religion. Through the media of drag, storytelling and spoken word, they disarm audiences with effortless glamour before presenting stories about harmony and shared experience.

Drag Queen Story Time features readings from I’m a Girl, by Yasmeen Ismail, and They She He Me, by Maya Christina Gonzalez and Matthew SG. Come on a journey as we celebrate the imagination and fun of childhood’s gender fluidity and give children a positive queer role model.

After the performance there is a play session for everyone to enjoy.

Part of Black History Month.

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it has a series of stories with empowering characters that will turn archetypes on their head and give children a positive queer role model.

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